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With 100+ years of academic research and healthcare commercialization experience, we are the team that can help turn your discoveries into great companies. 


Gap Funding 

We offer matching funds for your institution's technology transfer funding and can provide additional gap funding for future validation activities such as translational research programs, proof of concepts & prototype builds, market demand validation . Our commercialization experts will align with your university's product development processes while also creating an individual roadmap based on the needs and capabilities of your company at each stage of the innovation process. We act as transparent partners every step of the way and help you set goals and achieve them by working within a supportive system.      


Pre-Seed and Seed Funding 

We specialize in Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFE) funding instruments. It is hard enough starting a new venture so we do not burden it with debt as part of our investment. As your team's growth continues, we help you build the finance and human resource processes required of a functional company. On the operations side, if terms like "corporate governance" and "regulatory approval" keep you up at night, hand those activities off to us. We've secured patents and 510(k) clearances many times over and will make sure your administrative framework is built to minimize execution risk.  



Developing and scaling innovative technology can be an expensive  and time consuming endeavour. By identifying the right industry application, you can achieve step function growth that does not dilute your equity. We can help you demonstrate the value of potential licensees to your institution as well as negotiating and executing any IP transfer agreements and equity grants. Commercial partnerships and pilot projects can create immediate revenue that can be reinvested into your product development activities. You also gain access to world-class corporate R&D and Business Development departments that can establish your technology as an industry standard.



Regulatory Office - 4800 Hampden Lane, Floor 2, Bethesda MD 20814
Commercialization Office - 200 E. Randolph Street, Floor 51, Chicago IL 60601
Operations Office - 609 W. Main Street, Floor 3, Louisville KY 40202



What We Do
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