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Echo Mind AI Wins Phase I Grant from the National Science Foundation

The company's innovative approach to treating Musculoskeletal (MSK) health conditions was recognized by the NSF's prestigious America's Seed Fund. The grant will help Echo Mind AI advance its AI-driven musculoskeletal pathology prediction and analytics software.

Using Ultrasound in place of MRI can help decrease the burden of MSK in the United States and improve patient outcomes. "Ultrasound has been around for decades. Even though Ultrasound is just as effective at diagnosing most musculoskeletal pathologies, it is not widely adopted. The reason is it is very difficult and time-consuming to learn. Most practitioners don't have that type of bandwidth. Our goal is to make Ultrasound easy for all doctors everywhere. This is one of those trifecta technologies. It benefits patient outcomes, practitioner revenue and service, and brings significantly lower cost savings to the healthcare system," stated Echo Mind AI CEO Max Harker.


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